Starting a study with us

The Vaccine Research Center is a clinical research unit operating within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology of the Tampere University. With a network of ten regional vaccine research clinics, the Center is a reliable partner in clinical vaccine studies. Our highly motivated professional study coordinators and laboratory nurses work in teams led by experienced investigators. The network of clinics solely dedicated to clinical vaccine studies enables us to carry out extensive nation-wide trials and to offer a robust contribution to large multinational studies.

All research projects are carried out in accordance with GCP and the legislation, regulations and EU Directives that concern clinical trials on pharmaceuticals. Our competent, experienced and dedicated personnel guarantee that the research data are of the highest quality. Our personnel are trained to execute all phases of clinical trials. We are well known for recruiting study subjects within a short time span.


If you have any questions concerning clinical vaccine studies or their feasibility, please contact director Mika Rämet directly. Depending on the protocol, all of our ten Clinics or some of them may participate in the study. Only one Clinical Trial Agreement (CTA) is prepared and signed for all.

The trials in Finland are approved by the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) and the National Committee on Medical Research Ethics (TUKIJA) or a local Ethics Committee. Research & Operations Manager Ilona Schmidt and Project Manager Kirsi Udelius are responsible for liaison with Finnish authorities.