Mika Rämet M.D., Ph.D.

Mika Rämet, Director of Vaccine Research Center, has been the National Coordinating Investigator for 17 clinical vaccine studies.

Dr. Rämet, specialized in Peadiatrics and Neonatology, is currently working as a Professor of Peadiatrics at the University of Oulu, where he is also leading the PEDEGO Reseach Unit. In addition, Dr. Rämet is a part-time Professor of Experimental Immunology at the Tampere University.

Prof. Rämet has a long experience in immunological recearch, including vaccines. He has received several honours in recognition of his work. Prof. Rämet served also as a Chairman of Health Council of the Academy of Finland in 2016-18.

As an internationally acknowledged scientist, Prof. Rämet strengthens Vaccine Research Center´s position as a unique and leading actor in the field of clinical research. Vaccine Research Center and it’s regional vaccine research clinics are strong and ready to meet the future of the vaccines together with the vaccine manufacturers.

Please see Mika Rämet’s full CV and publications here.