Vision & mission

The Vaccine Research Center is a clinical research unit operating within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology at the Tampere University in Finland. It carries out clinical trials on vaccines in co-operation with the pharmaceutical industry.

Our mission is to introduce new, safer and more efficient vaccines for both children and adults. We aim to enhance the quality of life by preventing diseases by vaccination. Vaccine Research Center is led by professor of peadiatrics and experimental immunology Mika Rämet M.D., Ph.D., Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology.

New Vaccine Development

The Vaccine Research Center has a laboratory unit dedicated to the development of novel and innovative vaccines. Our key projects are to develop a coronavirus vaccine and a new combination vaccine to prevent norovirus and rotavirus gastroenteritis in young children.


The original specialty of the Center is viral vaccines for children, and the Center is well known for its studies on rotavirus, varicella and influenza vaccines. Studies conducted in Tampere have been pivotal to the registration of rotavirus vaccines globally and the varicella vaccine and MMR + varicella vaccine in Europe. More recent trials on pneumococcal and meningococcal conjugate vaccines have played a key role in the introduction of these vaccines.

The Center also investigates vaccines for adults and the elderly, including hepatitis B vaccines, influenza vaccines and herpes zoster vaccines.